Loaded Lemons Game

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Try to follow the Lemons as they're swapped. When time's up, guess if your lemon shoots water! Guess right or get soaked! To play, fill all of the lemons with water. All of them can be filled, but only two squirt water. Player puts a Lemon in front of them and chooses an either elephant, horse, dog or rooster sound. The Players listen to the electronic timer and swap positions of any two Lemons when they hear their corresponding animal sound. When time's up, they flip their yes/no chip to guess whether or not their lemon shoots water. If they guess yes, they aim at someone else. If they guess no, they aim at themselves. Players can squeeze the Lemons all at once or take turns. Anyone who guessed right gets a lemon chip and the first to collect three chips wins the game.

  • Age: 6 years and over
  • Players: 4
  • Play time: 15 minutes
  • 2× AAA required (not included)
  • Includes 4 plastic lemons, electronic timer, 9 lemon chips, 4 yes/no chips, sticker sheet and instructions

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