Party Pop Teenies Party Suprise

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Discover the fabulous world of Party Popteenies inside the Party Surprise Box!

Wrapped like a gift, this playset has a small window into what’s hidden inside: Rainbow Unicorn Ava stands beside her mini confetti popper, waiting to party! Unwrap your Party Surprise Box and pull open the outer flaps to reveal two bright packages. Within one package you’ll find cute gifts, and an adorable tiny pet, while the other package holds super-cute furniture and a delightful cake!


Lift out your popper & pull apart to release a poof of confetti, then open your presents!
Open all the gifts to discover party treats and party essentials like tiny plates and cups.
Once you’ve opened all your presents, transform your Surprise Box into a party scene!
You can even flip over one of your packages to create a dance floor!
Use your sticker sheet to add the finishing touches to the décor
Easy to pack up and take on the go
Join the celebration!

1 Doll & Pet
1 Hair Accessory
3 Furniture Pieces
Party Accessories
Mini Popper With Confetti
Stickers & Collector Sheet
Suitable for ages 4 & up

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