Matchbox Best of Germany Assorted (GWL49-979A)

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The Matchbox Germany Assortment features 1:64 scale German-themed automobiles that inspire international adventures for kids of all ages! This collection includes classic and modern cars seen on streets around Germany. Kids can pretend they're racing down the Autobahn or exploring the Black Forest in cars native to those areas! Collectors will love the detail and realistic sculpts that are essential to the Matchbox brand. Colours and decorations may vary.

The Matchbox Germany Assortment features 1:64 scale German-themed cars that kids will love discovering and collectors will love for their design!


  • Kids can drive their adventures through Germany with a car that features the realism and detail akin to the Matchbox brand.
  • Each car has its own story with decos that resemble the automotive landscape of Germany.
  • Instant starter collection for younger kids and perfect for party giveaways.
  • Each 1:64 scale replica is highly detailed from bumper to fender.

Available vehicles in this assortment:

  • 1969 BMW 2002
  • 1962 VW Beetle
  • 1976 VW Golf MK1
  • BMW M5 Police
  • 1990 VW Transporter Crew Cab


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