4M Kidzlabs Grow Your Crystal Geodes


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Grow your own beautiful sparkling crystal geode inside a crystal shell. Enjoy the moment when you reveal your crystal geode! Includes a specially designed container for growing quality crystal geodes and contents for making 2 complete sets of crystal geodes.

  • Age: 10 years and over
  • Dimensions (box): 22 x 17 x 6 cm
  • Contents: crystal shell set x 2 (6cm dia.), large bag of white crystal compound* (a base compound called Monoammonium Phosphate) x 2, small bag of white crystal compound* as seeding x 2, crystal container x 1, crystal shell stand x 1, stirring spoon x 1, and detailed instructions.
  • Also required, but not included: a jar of steaming hot water, an apron, protective goggles, and rubber gloves.